The Long and Short of Celebrity Hairstyles

It's hard not to notice trends in celebrity hairstyles. The once blonde, then brunette, then blonde again Gosselin had her short hair highlighted and cut with edgy angles.

Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift and Courtney Cox have had long hair with the only variations being straight or curly.

Recently, popular singer Fergie switched her golden locks for dark brown. Reality star Kim Kardashian wanted to try a shorter hairstyle for a photo so celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves found a wig that gave her the look she wanted without having to clip her own long locks.

Men's hairstyles have a little less leeway. Long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair, no hair- no matter what the latest trend is, celebrity hairstyles will continue to influence the way we want to look.

Find your next new hairstyle with our celebrity hairstyles gallery. From short hair to long hair, we've got all the best styles on the celebrities you love.
By Arjuna Bravia, a hair expert with years of experience.

Executive Summary By Arjuna Bravia


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